Arlo Skye x Sight Unseen Luggage Is a Jettsetter’s Dream

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Arlo Skye x Sight Unseen Luggage Is a Jettsetter’s Dream

One thing becomes evident after traveling internationally extensively: luggage matters. While the carry-on life is the way to go domestically, sometimes extended periods abroad require checking in bags. There are numerous options that fit the bill, but perhaps none so aesthetically pleasing than the newly announced Arlo Skye x Sight Unseen limited edition set, two hard shell pieces that will make spotting them easy amongst the crowds and airport luggage carousel.

Throughout the years we’ve endured rips, cracks, and week’s long disappearance of our bags while traveling to far off places, requiring checking in our bags. We generally travel with a soft case bag as our carry-on (always easier to squeeze into tight overhead bins), while depending upon hard shell options like the Arlo Skye when a protective check-in becomes a necessity.

Did you notice the cool HAY travel pillow included in this photograph. We sure did.

Arlo Skye’s collaboration with tastemaker’s Sight Unseen (the duo behind our favorite online smoke shop) and Finnish illustrator Antti Kekki has resulted in a very lovely pairing between fashion and function – a set of carry-on and check-in bags with an easily identifiable shade of sage that should stand out from the sea of monochromatic luggage in airports and hotels.

Sight Unseen’s Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer put in great effort to give this limited edition set of luggage its own distinct vibe, citing their choice of sage as the “next big color trend” – one they explored in detail with its very own Pinterest board.

Both models sport details desirable to any seasoned jetsetter, including reinforced shoulders (always apt to dent), one-touch aluminum locks that click the suitcase closed, quiet rolling wheels, and an anti-odor lining. The smaller unit also houses a removable dual-port USB charger for on-the-go power, something becoming par for the course in this era of portable electronics, anywhere and everywhere.

But perhaps most delightful about the Arlo Skye x Sight Unseen set is its pastel-hued lining designed by Antti Kekki, a print hiding within cited as finding inspiration in “Helsinki’s cobblestone streets and undiscovered pastry shops”. Our perfectly fine but staid luggage now pales in comparison.

Both suitcases are available for pre-order currently, listed with ship dates in early December, available individually or as a set.

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