This Artist-Designed Travel Bag Is Made by 8HZ with 23 Recycled Plastic Bottles

03.09.18 | By
This Artist-Designed Travel Bag Is Made by 8HZ with 23 Recycled Plastic Bottles

These days, sustainability is a big factor that impacts consumer choices and purchases. It’s not enough that a product looks good or works well. Consumers want full disclosure and transparency into the details of their purchase so that they can make an informed purchase, most of the time preferring the company or brand that promotes sustainability and advocates for positive change to better the world.

That’s what 8HZ wants to do with their new Travel Bag. This sustainable, light-weight bag uses a unique fabric that’s made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and has a 75% lower carbon footprint compared to virgin polyester fabric. It also uses less energy consumption and water consumption, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

This doesn’t mean the backpack lacks in quality. On the contrary, the Travel Bag uses military grade webbing, YKK zippers, a rounder corner design to reduce wear and tear, an abundance of pockets, and, for the Saber Collection, a reversible custom printed liner featuring artwork by Los Angeles-based artist Saber. As he puts it:

We are at the tipping point. Why are we creating more shit and more waste with oil based materials, why not make great products that benefit people and the environment?

To learn more about the 8HZ Travel bag, visit 8HZ and its Indiegogo campaign.

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