The BentoStack Declutters Modern Life with a Traditional Japanese Solution

03.22.19 | By
The BentoStack Declutters Modern Life with a Traditional Japanese Solution

Count us amongst the legions who felt compelled to declutter our lives to soul-satisfying levels of organized calm after watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix series. But where our socks now reside rolled neatly in rows inside our dresser drawers and our 1920s-era closets have been culled to only store beloved essentials, my desk drawer continued to anguish in a tangle of cords and cables that definitely did not spark anything remotely joyful. Perhaps what we’ve always needed is a bento box – the traditional compartmentalized Japanese meal storage system – but one outfitted for tech accessories rather than lunch.

Each compartment has its own lid: the bottom lid holds two extra Apple Watchbands and the top lid holds the Apple Pencil.

Function 101’s BentoStack doesn’t hide the fact it’s inspired by the bento, the Japanese stackable lunch boxes now popular across Asia, borrowing the same compartmentalized design which allows a neatly conceived place for everything. Designed specifically for the Apple devotee, each 7.4″ x 3.7″ x 3.3″ accessory organizer offers four adjustable compartment dividers for travel or work space storage, securely storing chargers, cords, and other small items.

While the original BentoStack includes a bottom compartment designed to accommodate Apple’s wall plugs, the latest BentoStack Charge integrates a 5000mAh Power Bank and Certified Qi Wireless Charging Pad into the top cover to give the storage system an extra bit of functionality that could come in handy while traveling. Paired with a wireless charging phone, the cover operates as a charging pad, with the option to power-up traditionally via USB cable if you’re old school (or if your phone is).

The original BentoStack and BentoStack are both available in Space Gray, Silver, and Rose Gold editions, sold at the Function 101 website or via Amazon.

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