10 More Designer Cannabis Goods For the Cannaseur

It’s high times for high design when it comes to cannabis products and accessories for the creative set. Aided by the legalization across the country for purposes beyond getting baked – therapeutic pain relief, insomnia, anxiety, social enjoyment – the industrial design, technology, packaging, and branding is evolving along with a market that’s more Whole Foods than High Times. Here are 10 of our current favorites of designer cannabis goods:

Slide Lighter by Tetra

We’ve got to hand it to Tetra – one of our favorite online purveyors of contemporary objects dedicated to the enjoyment of smoking herbs – they’ve got a knack for finding or designing paraphernalia we can appreciate on the basis of design alone. Case in point: these pocket-friendly USB rechargeable fuel-free lighters keep your habit on the downlow, using the same heated-coil mechanism that once lit up cigarette lighters inside cars. Slide and light. We think these are so very hot in the iridescent variation.

Monk Provisions
The cannabis industry is evolving toward the same mainstream organic/natural ingredients lifestyle category populating the aisles of Whole Foods – nutraceuticals designed to deliver flavorful experiences with additive benefits with every serving. Flavorful shrubs and cocktails infused with low amounts of THC characterize the beverage selection from Los Angeles-based MONK Drinking Botanicals, an ideal choice for those who are looking to feel good, not chasing a high – with each batch triple-tested by a third party laboratory to ensure consistency and predictability, always a concern with edibles. The box and bottles are beautifully packaged, making a set a welcome surprise to bring out at brunch or for an evening cocktail gathering with the right company.

DankGals Crystal Pipe
The name says it all: a 4″ pipe made of rose quartz crystal, with nothing to complicate the pleasures of smoking. Four other colors available, but the soft rose hue of this one is our favorite.

Wildflower Vaporizers
The Pacific Northwest is flowering with businesses catering to designer cannabis, and one of our favorites is Wildflower of Washington state, a holistically-focused purveyor of CBD and THC infused products meant to be enjoyed in a “very discreet and polite” manner. Their stainless steel vaporizer delivers CBD oils with varying amounts of THC, the vaporization controlled by an internal micro-processor that ensures optimal temperature per draw.

Club M
I’m currently trying out a monthly organic meats and grass-fed beef delivery service and I’ve found the convenience is a good fit for someone who likes to make something an exception rather than the rule. The same could be said about Club M, a California cannabis-of-the-month delivery service that packages a selection of cannabis products vetted for quality (and gift-worthiness) to satiate the notion of “treat yo self” for the cannabis connoisseur who prefers sampling quality with quantity.

PAX 3 Vaporizer
PAX Labs is the company representative of the serious technological research and development happening within the cannabis industry right now – one could equate them as the Tesla of vaporizers. Accordingly, the San Francisco based company is frequently improving every iteration of their range of devices (not surprisingly, PAX was founded by two Stanford Design Program graduates). Their latest flagship PAX 3 is intuitively easy to use with a color coded LED power/setting display and Bluetooth connected app controls. Using the app users can set extremely accurate temperature controls for customizable experiences specific to herbs or oil concentrates, all with très chic metallic finishes that look fashionable whether in use or set aside between sessions.

Another portable cannabis delivery device intended for therapeutic application instead of chasing psychoactive effects, these slim pen-shaped vaporizer pens are formulated to deliver 200 individual 2.25 MG doses formulated to allay specific conditions: bliss, sleep, calm, relief, arouse, passion. The pen vibrates to notify when a proper amount of vaporization has been inhaled, taking the guesswork out of “how much”, preventing too much of a good thing. Used dose pens can also be sent back for $5 discount for future pen purchases, an environmentally responsible option matched by a clever design.

Sweetflag Journey Pipe
I never thought I wanted a pipe to complement my rose gold Apple accessories, but I think I do now. The Journey Pipe isn’t just a winner in the design department; its 3-piece magnetic construction significantly improves the necessary hassle of upkeep between loading a bowl. The swivel lid also offers an innovative refinement for storage, keeping smoking herbs fresh and their odor contained.

The Apothecarry
If you intend to keep your top shelf selection top shelf quality between smoking or vaping sessions you need to think about storage. Cigar smokers have humidors to keep their choice in aromatic leaves at optimal humidity. The Apothecarry case is designed to do the same, with a box design and food grade strain jars fitted with airtight gaskets to keep odors contained and leaves from drying out. This luxe stash system will appeal to personalities with an appreciation for “a place for everything, everything in place” storage.

Défoncé Chocolatier
It’s not too often a chocolatier gets the attention of tech publications, but Oakland-based Défoncé Chocolatier has made an impression amongst edibles connoisseurs for their laboratory-level precision delivering accurate and dependable amounts of THC with every piece of their chocolate bars adorned with stylish pyramid-topology. They’re almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

Gregory Han is a Senior Editor at Design Milk. A Los Angeles native with a profound love and curiosity for design, hiking, tide pools, and road trips, a selection of his adventures and musings can be found at