Best Friday Five Posts of 2017

Every Friday in 2017, we reached out to a designer, artist, architect, or design professional to give us some insight into what makes them tick, by sharing five things – it could be what inspires them, things or people they love, or basically anything. Each person comes back with a different list of answers that keep us intrigued and going back for more. Here, we look back at the most popular Friday Five posts from this year.

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Best Friday Five Posts of 2017

10. Friday Five with Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim, a young designer at Tesla with a keen eye, enormous amounts of talent, and a bright future ahead, shared five of his favorite things.

9. Friday Five with Jennifer Fisher of J.Fisher Interiors
Austin, Texas based interior designer Jennifer Fisher of J.Fisher Interiors shared a mix of inspirational picks, in this Friday Five.

8. Friday Five with Gaurav Nanda
Michigan-born Gaurav Nanda founded Los Angeles-based Bend Goods in 2010 and has been combining his love of sculpture and design ever since.

7. Friday Five with Zane Bevan of Robinhood
This Friday Five checked in with the Zane Bevan, the Creative Director at Robinhood, the popular app that lets anyone trade stock without any fees.

6. Friday Five with Sharon Blaustein
Israeli-born, Manhattan-based Sharon Blaustein shared a few of her favorite things, including her hometown and adorable dog, in this Friday Five.

5. Friday Five with Mara Silber
Interior designer Mara Silber shared a selection of favorites and sources of inspiration, from quirky locales to delicious beverages.

4. Friday Five with Ellen O’Neill of Benjamin Moore & Co.
For this Friday Five, color expert Ellen O’Neill, Creative Director of Benjamin Moore & Co., shared her colorful perspective.

3. Friday Five with Dan Brunn
Tel Aviv-born, Los Angeles-based architect Dan Brunn, AIA, shared a handful of his favorite things, including music, art, and a car.

2. Friday Five with India Mahdavi
Paris-based architect and designer India Mahdavi shared some of her favorite awe-inspiring places, along with her lucky color.

And the top Friday Five post of 2017 is…

1. Friday Five with Alison Berger
We checked in with Los Angeles-based Alison Berger who’s an artist that brings an extensive design and architectural background to her visionary work.

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