Best Style + Fashion Posts of 2017

In 2017, Design Milk covered everything when it came to Style + Fashion – including wearable devices, architectural jewelry, geometric games, and eyeglasses made from sheet metal. Want to see which post from this category got the most love this year? Read on to find out…

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Best Style + Fashion Posts of 2017

10. CES 2017: The Titanium-Encased Motiv Activity Tracker Ring
This lightweight, waterproof titanium ring keeps tabs on the wearer’s daily activity, heart rate, and quality of sleep for up to 5 days per charge.

9. Contemporary Jewelry Designed by an Architect
Architect Ayça Ozbank merged her love of urban cities and jewelry to create Mara Paris, sculptural jewelry that’s wearable.

8. The Essential Travel Shoe: Allbirds Wool Loungers
The cozy Wool Lounger from Allbirds combines the comfort and softness of a slipper with the style of a trendy, slip-on shoe.

7. Jiwoong Jung’s “Hidden Time” Watch Is a Minimalist Magic Act By the Hour
The Trio of Time series is launched with Jiwoong Jung’s Hidden Time, a watch designed to make the passing of time disappear right before your eyes.

6. FRAME: Eyeglasses Cut From Sheet Metal to Reduce Waste
Looking for a way to reduce waste material when producing eyeglasses and sunglasses, RELVAOKELLERMANN cuts frames out of sheet metal in a new way.

5. What to Pack for Travel, Women’s Edition
Our travel editor, Vy Yang, shared some of her favorite travel essentials + must-try tips to try out for your next adventure.

4. UNIQLO Launches the SPRZ NY EAMES Collection
Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO launched their SPRZ NY EAMES collection of t-shirts, stoles, blankets, and slippers featuring iconic Eames patterns.

3. The Grid Game: A Game Made For Designers
The Grid Game combines classic gaming, mathematics, and design inspiration from Dieter Rams with simple rules and universal familiarity.

2. Converse Launches the Chuck Modern Colors Collection
Converse continued their Chuck Modern Collection with the unveiling of Chuck Modern Colors, where they take a look back at the colors of the 1970s.

And the most popular Style + Fashion post of 2017 is…

1. SLADDA: IKEA Designs a Bicycle for Everyday Life
IKEA launched the SLADDA bicycle, much like the rest of IKEA’s offerings, it’s low-maintenance and adaptable to your various needs.

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