BIG and HHF Unveil the Multifunctional Puzzle House in Copenhagen

06.07.19 | By
BIG and HHF Unveil the Multifunctional Puzzle House in Copenhagen

Denmark’s annual design event, 3daysofdesign, brought together Bjarke Ingels of BIG and Simon Frommenwiler of HHF to create an installation for the Embassy of Switzerland in Copenhagen. The Danish and Swiss architects’ multifunctional design comprises a series of geometric modules that fit together to form the ‘Puzzle House’. Each of the three-dimensional, puzzle-like components can be used individually as a seat and can be arranged into different compositions when extra seating is needed.

The Puzzle House is designed to encourage visitors to interact with each other in order to move the modules to new locations. But quiet solo spots can easily be carved out of the house for moments to reflect.

Puzzle House was on display May 23rd – 25th, 2019 at the embassy’s waterfront garden just north of Copenhagen. The project is part of the Swiss embassy’s Architecture in Residence (AiR) program that was formed as a way to strengthen relationships between Danish and Swiss architects, architecture schools, and building manufacturers.

Photos by Kaspar_Würgler.

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