Blueair Sense+ and Aware Unveiled at Dwell On Design

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Blueair Sense+ and Aware Unveiled at Dwell On Design

The first booth we stopped into at this year’s Dwell On Design show – amongst the usual suspects of prefab homes, West Coast independent designers, and luxury kitchen and bath dealers spread across the expanse of the LA Convention Center – was Sweden’s Blueair. We’ve long been fans of the functional aesthetics of their Sense air purifiers, noting the selection at this year’s Dwell On Design booth looked cosmetically different…

Besides expanding their palette to six colors – Ruby Red, Leaf Green, Midnight Blue, Polar White, Graphite Black, and Warm Grey – the Sense air purifier has earned a literal addition to its moniker. The new Blueair Sense+ air purifier earns its plus with a new wireless connectivity feature, meaning your phone now becomes a remote control via app.




Additionally, pair the Sense+ with the new Blueair Aware module and users can track the amount of airborne particles, VOCs, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity indoors in real time and to adjust air purifying speeds accordingly. The Sense+ utilizes a combination of a mechanical and electrostatic filtration system to clean 130 cubic feet per minute, up to 205 sq. ft. room; it’s not a true HEPA system, but is rated for a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 130 when scrubbing smoke, dust, and pollen from the air (for reference, “450 CFM” is the highest rating for smoke, “400” for dust, and “450” for pollen) and uses a miserly 4 W at its lowest setting.

Blueair's Nick Nowak  at this year's Dwell On Design.

Blueair’s Nick Nowak at this year’s Dwell On Design.

And best of all, at least for picky aesthetes, the Blueair Sense+ still wears the industrial design of Swedish studio, Claesson Koivisto Rune, making it one of the few air effective air purifiers that don’t hurt the eyes as they ease the other senses.

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