Bombay Sapphire East Gin Wheel by AvroKO

Looking for a cool new home bar? Bombay Sapphire and design firm, AvroKO have teamed up to craft the limited edition Bombay Sapphire East Gin Wheel.

modern minibar gin wheel

If you’re a gin lover, you know a thing or two about Bombay Sapphire. However, from the design side, AvroKO is responsible for several high-profile projects including LAVO, Beauty & Essex, Kid Robot, and Saxon & Parole in NYC. The firm uses storytelling as a way to create innovative designs and transformative experiences.

Inspired by the “Lazy Susan” turntable, the new Gin Wheel is handcrafted from exotic walnut. Its base – on which the main body spins on – is a plate made of brushed stainless steel. The Gin Wheel’s design celebrates the classic nature of the Gin & Tonic cocktail (of which it’s meant to celebrate!) while boasting an imaginative and refined aesthetic.

Bombay Sapphire Gin Wheel minibar

The main body opens to high quality bar tools, glassware, removable cutting boards, coasters and custom made aluminum tongs that double as a locking mechanism. There’s also storage for ice and garnish for your cocktails.

Bombay Sapphire gin modern minibar

Starting next month you’ll be able to buy one of these from The Future Perfect. Bottoms up!

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