Brendan Ravenhill Studio Visit

While in LA, I stopped by Brendan Ravenhill Studio to check out their new space. Situated right along the LA River in an airport hangar-style industrial building, the large studio is an instant upgrade from Ravenhill’s previous space—his house! As you approach the building, you walk along a bike path next to the river with old abandoned trains covered in graffiti in the background. Skateboarders and bikers whizz past. Seems like a pretty legit place to work.

Brendan Ravenhill

Brendan Ravenhill


The first floor on the interior has lots of fun stuff going on, from work tables to tools to new fixtures hung and ready to be leveled and shipped. When they first moved into the space about a year ago, there was nowhere to hang lighting, so Brendan and his team created a suspended, motorized “pot rack” to hang their chandeliers and pendants. It moves up and down, too, so they can hang longer or larger pieces on it when necessary. Clever!

If you look in the corner, you can spot one of their next pieces—a large version of their Grain family.



The second story is full of shipping supplies. Underneath, they’ve created yet another hanging space for lamps that are ready to be shipped off.



Of course, lots of tools!



Brendan Ravenhill

Brendan shows me a sneak peek of a sconce that they hope to launch at ICFF. Its two pivoting panels allow light to shine through in a variety of ways.


As you head outside, you spot a canoe and a jeep that made me feel like I was on the set of M*A*S*H! The overhead string lights add a bit of fun to the outdoor space. There’s a small upstairs area that houses a lounge space, bathroom, kitchen and a few desks with computers for taking care of more business-y things.


Brendan’s team asked him to make the place more cozy so he added a little garden. I can imagine they spend a lot of time at their studio, so it’s nice to see the homey atmosphere they’ve created to help them relax after working all day.



Also, outside is a small new building that Brendan and his team built to house a photo studio.

Church Chandelier

Church Chandelier

Grain Pendant

Grain Pendant

Hood Pendant

Hood Pendant

Thanks for letting me stop by!

Learn more about Brendan Ravenhill Studio here.

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