Butterfly Chairs from Circa50

Back in December 2010, I wishlisted a pair of butterfly chairs from Circa50. Well, my wishlist prayers were answered. Circa50 generously offered to send me a pair of their butterfly chairs in my choice of cover. I immediately told Jordan I wanted black ones. He told me if I bought another black thing that I’d be sleeping out there on them. Apparently, he’s a little sick of my black, white, gray color scheme and demanded that I choose something vibrant. I sucked it up and went with the orange. I’m considering getting some replacement covers just as backups, too (I change my mind a lot).

The butterfly chair was designed by Argentinian architect Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy in 1938. Knoll stopped making the butterfly chairs in 1951 and, in 1997, Circa50 took over. And thank goodness that they did because now you can own a new one! They make a black or stainless frame and you can select from dozens of cover options – from canvas to cowhide.

Overall, these are really comfortable, although a little tough to get out of when you’re 6 months pregnant! Now all we need is a sail shade and a table for beverages and we’re all set. I won’t hold my breath…

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