C Apartment: A Renovation Project in Tel Aviv by Maya Sheinberger

03.20.20 | By
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Israeli interior design studio led by Maya Sheinberger has completed a 2-year renovation of C apartment in the northern part of Tel Aviv. The resulting, 120-square-meter apartment features a color palette in 50 shades of grey. The large windows have especially contrasting colors to draw attention to the view over the park: the black of the window frames stand out against a crisp white background wall. Turquoise and nude colors add a pop of personality across a mostly monochromatic color scheme.

The seating area of the living room is defined by a large gray carpet and includes a stone-colored sofa, a vintage leather armchair, and marble and turquoise coffee tables.

Photos by Itay Benit.

Keshia grew up in Singapore and moved to the U.S. to attend Dartmouth College. When she was living abroad after graduation, a chance enrollment at the Architectural Association Visiting School led to her becoming enamored with door schedules and architectural écriture. She's particularly interested in design for aging, rural architecture, and Asian design heritage.