Casa Teo: A Minimalist Boutique Hotel by Enrique Olvera

05.21.20 | By
Casa Teo: A Minimalist Boutique Hotel by Enrique Olvera

Casa Teo is a minimalist boutique hotel created by famed Mexican restaurateur Enrique Olvera of Pujol. The space is situated above the former location of Pujol, which previously encompassed the production kitchen and private dining room for the restaurant.

The space is meant to encourage creativity and connectivity to a city vibrant with history and culture. It is to no surprise that the kitchen occupies most of the interior, serving as not only a dining area, but a communal space to host workshops and conversations. Guests can experience local cuisine first hand through the in-house chef, formerly of Pujol.

The interior is mostly inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, promoting a cozy and zen atmosphere. The master bedroom includes an en-suite with access to a private balcony. A custom-built wooden structure within the master bedroom accommodates a wardrobe along with a desk workspace.

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