Coast to Coast Continues: The Exhibit

Special thanks to Emily Rae Pellerin and Jean Lin of Colony for the following post.

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Coast to Coast Continues: The Exhibit

Last year, we teamed up with NYC-based independent furniture, lighting, and textile design gallery, Colony, for Coast to Coast. Together on a road trip adventure, we explored the United States in the name of design, discovery, and inspiration. We stopped for (and wrote about) visits to burgeoning design pockets of Detroit, Nashville, New Orleans, Austin, and the Santa Fe region of New Mexico, and were welcomed into their creative communities more wholeheartedly than we could’ve ever imagined.

Molly Haynes

Mackenzie Huffman

We are so excited to announce the next chapter in the Coast to Coast exploration: an exhibit showcasing the diverse expressions of American design, art, and craft that we uncovered along the way. Our co-presenting partner, NeueHouse, is the perfect site to host the work. The private workspace collective for creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs is designed to inspire the creative mindset, cultivate curiosity, and provoke new ways of thinking, NeueHouse brings together the most creative minds in contemporary culture and commerce — an environment wholly welcoming of great art and design.

Rachel Wolfson Smith

New Hat Projects

Join us for Coast to Coast | The Exhibit, opening at Neuehouse’s Madison Square location in New York City on Tuesday, June 11. Foregrounded by works of art and design curated from our tour, Colony’s founder and curator Jean Lin will host a conversation about the different aspects of cultural and urban development that help guide a city into its own identity.

Luna Botanicals

Tommy Panigot

The panel will feature:

Ayumi Sugiyama, Director, Cultural Projects at SHoP Architects
Ayumi challenges each of her projects to function as an invitation, to engage with or position itself in public space “where opportunities for culture can organically develop without preprogramming or expectations.” Ayumi’s work, such as the SITE Santa Fe art space, also prioritizes contextualization within its local environments. How can a newly introduced building be — or become — “of its place?”

Michael Suomi, Principal and Vice President of Interior Design at Stonehill Taylor
Michael’s practice involves a deep-dive into a location’s history. What storylines can be uncovered to incorporate into design, versus purely imposing new stories onto existing spaces? Research, relationships to local studios and artisans, and the like all helped inform (among other projects) his work in Coast to Coast cities Nashville and New Orleans.

Tiffany Brown, Founder of Detroit-based 400 Forward, Co-founder of the nonprofit Urban Arts Collective, and architect
Tiffany was struck with the idea for the 400 Forward initiative when the 400th African American woman recently became a licensed architect in the U.S. Her vision is to create the next generation of African American women architects through long-term, multi-point support, starting from girlhood through licensing. With her work, she responds to the inequity of not only an industry, but also a social infrastructure particularly exclusionary to black women from inner-city communities.

Era Ceramics

Boyd and Allister

Our opening reception conversation will provoke discussion about site-specific real estate development; the importance for architecture to consider the communities it inhabits; and the role that design plays in shaping culture, aesthetic identity, and city systems at large.

Chad Manley Design

The Coast to Coast Exhibition, co-presented by Colony, Design Milk, and NeueHouse, is an opportunity to not only experience work from creatives who are shaping their own cities’ narratives, but also to bridge the geographic distances between each of our cities through the common language of art, craft and design. As we found on our tour, and are so excited to share with you: when viewed through this common lens, America becomes at once a smaller, more intimate community, as well as an expansive, generous source of inspiration and discovery.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Doors at 7pm
Conversation begins at 7:30pm
110 E 25th St
New York, NY 10010
RSVP Essential
Exhibition runs through September 8. Viewings are available on an appointment basis through Colony.

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