Concrete Audio F1 Wall Speakers Are a Brutalist’s Dream Come True

06.30.17 | By
Concrete Audio F1 Wall Speakers Are a Brutalist’s Dream Come True

Concrete Audio’s moniker should make it evident the German-based audio company’s faith lies with neither wood nor ceramics, but with the mixture of ce­ment, water, and sand. The company’s F1 wall-mounted loudspeaker resides somewhere within the overlap of a Venn diagram between audiophile and architectural.

The immediate and obvious question that arises amongst the layman of course is, “Why concrete?” The short and simple answer: to eliminate unwanted vibrations.

A good loudspeaker housing should not vibrate, as modern drivers (the actual loudspeaker in the box) today render the full sound spectrum linearly. But if the housing itself does vibrate due to its construction or materials (wood, plastic), then those vibrations affect performance by amplifying or diminishing certain sympathetic frequencies within the sound spectrum.

Concrete’s unique properties – it’s weight, irregular structure, and density – provide a medium untainted by the intrusion of unwelcome vibrations, the audiophile’s enemy. Each 32mm deep panel of concrete is embedded with 41 electrodynamic mini-speakers, a sort of beehive arrangement engineered to perform as a harmonious single source. The F1 is designed specifically for wireless playback, compatible with smartphones, tablets, or other streaming sources using Audiofly HighEnd Wireless Audio with low latency.

Another itching question you’re probably wondering about is how heavy each speaker weighs. They’re listed at about 26.4 lbs. per unit – heavy enough to warrant professional installation…or at least an extra set of strong and steady hands.

Each F1 speaker can be customized with aluminum or wood frames, with a reversible art or design cover for a more discreet decorative presence.

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