The Architecture of Sound: Constellation Leo Audio System

06.20.18 | By
The Architecture of Sound: Constellation Leo Audio System

Imagine superimposing the contemporary architectural angularity of a Daniel Libeskind structure to the form factor of an audiophile-rated speaker and what you might get is something like the Constellation Audio Leo, a high-end three-way stereo speaker system outfitted with a 6” subwoofer, 560 watts of amplification, and Chromecast, AirPlay and Bluetooth connectivity hidden within its sharply faceted topography.

The Leo is a “lifestyles” tabletop audio system engineered by a company normally focused upon catering to the stratosphere of higher end (and priced) audiophile components. Though the audiophile market has tended to lean toward discrete, multi-component systems to achieve optimal audio performance, Constellation Audio’s Leo is an attempt to engineer a high level of digital audio processing and amplification technologies within a single form factor.

Noting the developing generation of music listeners increasingly prefer compact and mobile device connected systems like Sonos, the Apple HomePod, and other multi-room ready speakers, the Leo is admittedly still a much more expensive proposition, outfitted with a much higher level of componetry within. Inside, Class D amplifiers and a multichannel DSP to keep the sonorous output of the system’s six speaker drivers sounding optimal.

Noting the trend is veering away from hardware controls, the Leo’s front panel is only equipped with power, volume, input selection and play/pause/track skip, with the majority of options available via dedicated app.

Like other modern multi-room speakers Leo can be paired into stereo mode.

Weighing in at nearly 31 lbs and with an estimated price somewhere in the ballpark of $5K (shipping later this year), the Leo is one heavy proposition, even within the rarified air of audiophile gear. But for the discerning audio enthusiast looking for an edgy and compact design ready to connect to WiFi, Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay, Constellation Audio seems ready to serve music lovers who have more money than room.

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