Coway Airmega 240 Takes a New Angle to Air Purification

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Coway Airmega 240 Takes a New Angle to Air Purification

Of the numerous brands specializing in residential air purification solutions, Korea’s Coway has made noticeable efforts to introduce designs thoughtfully intended to complement the air cleansing acumen of its standalone air purifiers with an aesthetic eye. Their models come respectfully recommended, and they continue to innovate with decor-friendly designs integrating  furniture-like form and materials to give their air purifiers a calming, rather than intrusive presence.

Airmega 240 in corner of a room next to potted house plant and green upholstered sofa with orange throw pillow and midcentury coffee table.

An air purifier operates optimally when set in an open space to circulate air, which makes it doubly important its appearance compels its users to place it where it can do its best work.

Coway’s latest Airmega 240 air purifier shares similar attributes as its larger sibling, the Airmega 250, but slightly downscaled and with a more vertical oriented design intended to filter and circulate air up to 403 square feet of coverage. Its specs make it ideal for a living room or a small apartment where several small spaces might share circulated air space.

Airmega 240 on light oak wood floor with off-white panels wall, mobile hanging nearby with palm house plant and small decorative shelf to the right.

Just like the 250, this medium-sized air purifier includes a built-in air monitoring system and can be programmed to turn up air exchange when it’s most needed automatically.

The Airmega 240 also includes the same washable Pre-Filter + Max2 Filter 2-stage air purification, with activated carbon to remove odors and true HEPA filtration. And because an air purifier is only as good as its filters, the system also automatically notifies users when they need to be replaced.

3D animation screen shot illustrating air purifier circulating filtered air flow directed up toward ceiling in living room setting.

Angled product shot showing Airmega 240's front grill in warm grey.

Top product shot against white background showing Airmega 240's top with touch controls and indication lights.

Lastly, but not insignificantly, Coway has given the Airmega 240 a slightly different aesthetic treatment to its air vent grill. The angled panels add a bit of asymmetrical dimension and interest to its otherwise calmly contemporary box design. The overall effect is a design that easily blends into a room, while adding just a touch of texture.

The Coway Airmega 240 is available in Dove White or Warm Grey for $299.

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