Cromatti: American Style, American Made

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Cromatti: American Style, American Made

A few months ago we introduced you to Cromatti, a new LA-based company that prides itself on American made heirloom-quality furniture with sleek lines and sophisticated style. In an era when most furniture is factory-made overseas using cheap resources, Founders Dan Maddox and Alan Rauta wanted to produce something different—something uniquely American that would stand the test of time. Something they could be proud of.


That’s why, from the initial design through to manufacturing and sales, Cromatti insists on being an American made company. Each piece of Cromatti modern furniture is handmade by skilled craftsmen in Los Angeles, which Alan Rauta says gives Cromatti “greater control over all elements that go into making a uniquely special product.”

Some might call them obsessive, but Dan and Alan insist on personally overseeing each aspect of the production process, which goes through the following six stages:


The metal frame is hand-welded then sanded smooth – so smooth in fact, that the frame looks and feels more like the exterior of a luxury car than a piece of furniture.


Their team sand-blasts the frame, adding a unique texture while leaving the metal smooth to the touch.


After applying a special primer, each piece is baked for a specific amount of time. As the frame comes out of the oven, it has a luminescent radiance which gives Cromatti furniture its dramatic shine.


Once it cools down, your chosen color is applied in dry form. The frames are electro-charged and the powder is attracted to it.


Then they take it back to the oven and the time is stays in there is absolutely critical. The powder transforms from solid into a gel in flow and that’s when it gets a cross-link of the molecular structure. This only occurs when stayed in the oven for a specific amount of time at the right temperature.


Once they get that cross-link, they now have a full cure of the powder coating. Then your unique piece of furniture is completed with the finest glass, leather or fabric, which gives each item a luxurious finish.


Cromatti is proud to create beautiful, American made modern furniture and we’re glad to tell their story. In a world where everything is accessible in an instant, we and Cromatti both believe there are still some things worth waiting for. To see for yourself how each piece of Cromatti furniture is created, press play on the video below.

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