Cubic Cable Holder by Kebei Li

Cubic Cable Holder is a minimalist design created by California-based designer Kebei Li. The cubes are an evolution of his former wire holder design, and are precisely machined out of brass or copper. As the name suggests, the cable holder serves as an anchor to ensure that wires do not fall off the desk after they are unplugged.


The geometry’s simplicity is a result of numerous iterations, and every small detail was carefully considered. The dimension of the channel is defined by Apple’s Lightning connector, as well as its relation to the rest of the cube. The end result is a visually balanced, yet effective design that does not compromise on weight or volume.

The bottom of the cube includes two shallow cutouts that are machined to precisely contain the rubber base, providing the cube with a sturdy grip on smooth surfaces. The rubber is color matched to the metal, delivering a more integral look. Brass and copper are chosen for their weight, warmth in color, and their ability to age elegantly. Every piece will develop its unique patina and character over time.






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