DAB Motors Is Set to Satisfy the Need for Speed, Electrified

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DAB Motors Is Set to Satisfy the Need for Speed, Electrified

It’s been nearly three years since the DAB Motors CONCEPT-E caught our attention with its raked back monocoque styling and tankless electric-powered performance. The E-motorcycle’s weird-but-cool tablet-like front headlight housing made itself as much a talking point as Rivian’s distinctive and divisive ovular truck headlights. Designed as an urban commuter, the electric 2-wheeled bike was conceived of as “an object, not just a traditional motorcycle” – relegated to existence as a concept we could only hope would make it to production one day. That moment has arrived as the updated, upgraded, and renamed DAB 1α makes its debut.

DAB Motors electric motorcycle positioned in an indoor setting with geometric patterns on the walls, showcasing its sleek white and black design and sporty profile.

Credit Peugeot Motocycles for making the 2021 Red Dot Design Award winning e-bike a reality. Their timely acquisition of DAB last year injected the necessary funding and support into the brand to transform an intriguing idea into a limited run of just 400 electric motorcycles.

Black DAB Motors electric motorcycle on a white background, featuring an angular design and visible suspension system.

Close-up of a numbered plaque reading "DAB Motors Alpha Series 001/400 Grand Prince" on a textured black and gold surface.

The bike’s tablet-style headlight panel is still there, alongside the retro-cool 2.8” LCD display screen, 3.4 liter glove compartment, and optional Quadlock wireless charger.

Close-up view of DAB Motors electric motorcycle's handlebar and part of an Alcantara covered saddle against a dark background.

The DAB 1α will delight anyone behind the handlebars who have experienced a video game console in the last couple decades. Outfitted with a 4-button layout on each grip, riders will be tempted by a blue Nitro Button assigned to deliver the whiplash-inducing acceleration associated with electric motors. The video game reference is derived directly from an iconic racing game of the aughts, Need for Speed. The DAB 1α also features BMX-style back pegs to support passengers who need to hitch a ride. But why would you when there’s a supple and soft Alcantara saddle to settle into?

Close-up of a black Alcantara fabric panel with a "DAB Motors electric motorcycle x Alcantara" badge, mounted on rear of bike

The finalized design is powered by a fully repairable, dismountable, and recyclable battery, resulting in a bike that weighs just over 275 pounds. Without the need for a clutch or gears, the DAB 1α is significantly lighter when compared to the average 600-pound gas fueled bike – a godsend for anyone who needs to park their bike.

A person wearing a black helmet and jacket rides a modern DAB Motors electric motorcycle, shown in motion on a blurred gray background.

Beyond its stationary stats, the DAB 1α can reach speeds just over 80 mph, plenty quick to weave in and out of gridlocked traffic. But more than pure speed, an EV motorcycle’s nimble dexterity while navigating urban corridors is what makes the DAB 1α a compelling option for commuters in dense cities.

Close-up of DAB Motors electric motorcycle's controls and dashboard on the left, and a detailed view of the motorcycle's white and red tail light on the right.

The bike’s 72V lithium ion battery recharges from 0% to 80% in about 2.5 hours, and to 100% in about 3.5 hours using either a home socket or a Type 2 charge point when out and about. Topped off, the bike is set for about 93 miles of range and suitable for two riders.

Two modern DAB Motors electric motorcycles positioned side by side in a studio with a geometric patterned acoustic paneled wall.

DAB Motors CEO & Founder, Simon Dabadie reveals he has higher aspirations for his company’s electric motorbikes beyond getting around from Point A to Point B: “I’m talking about beyond urban mobility; I’m talking about art, performance, and the pure joy of motion: each curve, each line meticulously crafted to form the perfect union of form and function… we’ve created more than just a mode of transportation. We’ve crafted an experience…”

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Photography by David Duchon Doris.

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