Desktop Wallpaper: October 2011

This month’s Designer Desktop comes from H. Michael Karshis who chose a quote from Tibor Kalman, “Everything is an experiment.”

Karshis explains:

To me, it wasn’t the actual work of Tibor Kalman that inspired me, it was more about his approach and methodology, his very personal “how and why” thinking regarding his use of images and words within the actual finished work. As a designer and artist I simply loved the fact that Tibor was never afraid to share or express what he really thought. Although sometimes shocking to the point of pissing people off with his blunt choice of images and words, there was always an element of humor, thoughtfulness and a sense that he was always being true to himself and never afraid to say what was he really believed.

Although he left us when he was only 49, I always got the feeling through his direct and blatant personality that he’d somehow seen and done all of this before and his mission here was to remind us all that life is short and design should be used as a means for a philanthropic endeavor or greater cause.

And as far as I’m concerned and from everything I’ve read and seen from the man, he understood how lucky and loved he was and at every opportunity proved he was as real deal, generous and down to earth as they come. I mean, what’s not to like about a man that was known to order a pizza during formal design conference presentations?

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