Desktop Wallpaper: January 2024 With NASA and Karan Singh

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Desktop Wallpaper: January 2024 With NASA and Karan Singh

We’re kicking off a fresh new year of Designer Desktops with an exciting start: this month’s feature comes from NASA – the National Aeronautics and Space Administration! While the fields of space exploration and modern design seem like they’re light years apart (pun intended), the truth is that they converge often here on Design Milk, with lighting inspired by NASA parachutes, space travel, space watches, the reveal of the SpaceX spacesuit, wallpaper reminiscent of NASA imagery, and the reissue of the NASA Graphics Standards Manual. As it turns out, many design lovers are also astronomy buffs.

For January’s Designer Desktop, NASA lends us a vibrant and futuristic poster designed by visual artist Karan Singh showcasing the Spitzer Space Telescope, a premier instrument that launched in 2003 as a tool to discover regions of space that are normally hidden from optical telescopes. In 2017, Spitzer made an exciting discovery revealing TRAPPIST-1, the first known system of seven rocky Earth-sized planets found around a single star outside our solar system. The habitable-zone planets are still widely a mystery, with only details about their mass and distance from the TRAPPIST-1 star known, but it brings us one step closer to learning about the truth about what’s really out there.

Singh’s poster illustrates the seven TRAPPIST-1 planets discovered by the Spitzer Space Telescope in the foreground. Behind them, the TRAPPIST-1 star burns aglow while surrounded by an endless sea of far-away stars, a subtle reminder of how much more we have yet to learn. For a desktop that’s truly out of this world, use the links below to download!

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