Division Twelve Takes Their Modern + Versatile Seating Outdoors

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Division Twelve Takes Their Modern + Versatile Seating Outdoors

Division Twelve, the North American-based brand creating sustainable, versatile, timeless furniture, has added an outdoor seating collection to their lineup just in time for the Spring thaw. They’ve been exceeding expectations for years with a winning mix of quality materials, modern designs, and top-notch craftsmanship. Now, their durable metal and 100% recyclable HDPE seating brings the same level of comfort and style to your patio, balcony, garden, and more.

This outdoor seating is ready to take on the elements from the start – everything from snow to aggressive squirrels is fair game. HDPE plastic is a lightweight material with incredible durability. It’s resistant to mold, mildew, extreme weather, and impact, preserving the beauty and quality of your outdoor seating over time. Furthermore, its durability stands up to rigorous sanitization and cleaning processes, including the use of bleach, for environments with such requirements.

yellow, red, and blue stool on cream colored background

HDPE plastic is also one of the easiest and most commonly recycled products. “Those who enjoy the outdoors should have a vested interest in protecting them, so we’re thrilled to offer an outdoor line of seating that is 100% recyclable. They’re the perfect closed loop product with no waste to landfill, and all materials can be taken back up in the supply chain to create new products of value,” says Joseph Palladino, Sustainability Officer. All of Division Twelve’s steel and textiles are fully recyclable, their seat foam contains bio-based ingredients, and they’re BIMFA Level certified.

Color also plays a big role in Division Twelve’s products, with the outdoor seating collection available in all of the brand’s 20+ color options. The library is expanded upon each year specifically to include Pantone’s Color of the Year. The brand uses an eco-friendly powder coating process that limits VOC emissions while customizing their metal frames. Basically, Division Twelve runs a zero-waste to landfill facility to deliver sustainable furniture that’s worth humblebragging about.

yellow stool on cream colored background

Division Twelve loves making sustainable furniture that you can make your own. Explore their outdoor collection, visualize the color options, then start dreaming up something big for your outdoor space this Spring!

Photography by Maggie Keilhauer.

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