Dog Milk Holiday Gift Guide: 19 Cozy Dog Beds and Blankets

Large or small, young or old, every dog loves a good nap. Make sure they’re counting sheep in the coziest bed possible with one of these 19 stylish and comfy beds and blankets!

Note: We’ve selected one or two items from each shop, but there are TONS of color and/or style options available, so be sure to click through to see what else is in store!

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Dog Milk Holiday Gift Guide: 19 Cozy Dog Beds and Blankets

1. Dog Lounger from Yark 2. Cloud7 Sleeping Bag from PetSwag 3. Custom Felt Pet Bed from Naps Design 4. Snuggle Bed from P.L.A.Y. 5. Handmade Dog Bed from Fillydog 6. Tails Division Denim Pillow Bed from StyleTails 7. Felt Basket Bed from Sasha & Me 8. Cloud7 Sleepy Bed from PetSwag 9. Canvas Bed from Tanner Goods 10. Super Snoozer from Soggy Doggy

Dog Milk Holiday Gift Guide: 19 Cozy Dogs Beds and Blankets

1. Joey High Back Bed from Pup & Kit 2. MiaCara Faux Fur Dog Bed from StyleTails 3. Lunch Money Dog Bed from Nice Digs 4. Charley Chau Snuggle Bed from StyleTails 5. New Theory Dog Duvet from Molly Mutt 6. Wool Blanket from Camp Cloon 7. Diva Bed from Sasha & Me 8. Zz Bed from Doca Pet 9. Lounge Bed from Jax & Bones

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