Dress up Your Entryway With Welcoming Pieces of Design

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Dress up Your Entryway With Welcoming Pieces of Design

With spring just around the corner, you might get the itch to clean and refresh the spaces in your home. An easy starting point is literally the start of your home, the entryway. This is where everything usually gets dropped off: keys, bags, mail, packages, masks, the dog leash, jackets – the list goes on! To dress up your entryway with design and not clutter, start with organization, which means everything has a designated place. After that, pull in some key design pieces like an eye-catching welcome mat, a modern umbrella stand, or even some small accessories like candles and planters to create a welcoming but functional space for your family and your guests.

The Parkdale Console by hollis+morris

E021 Embrace Lounge Table by Carl Hansen & Son

Long Bucket Bench by yvonne mouser

Mix Teklan Rug by Heymat

Hand Rug by DittoHouse

SR Wall Rack by Scout Regalia

The Bellwoods Clothes Stand by hollis+morris

Oliv White Pendant Light by Greypants, Inc.

Black Marble + Glass Globe Small Table Light by Michele Varian

18″ Wire Basket by Bend Goods

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