Editorial Calendar

We have a number of regular columns and features here on Design Milk. We do our best to keep these on the schedule listed below. Use this form to suggest a column.


At The Office
Venture inside some of the most well-designed offices around the globe or discover the latest and greatest in contract furniture design.

Friday Five
In our Friday Five posts we ask a designer, artist, or creative to tell us their five favorite things.

Get Out!
Get Out! focuses on all things outdoors, including grills, outdoor kitchens, furnishings, and modern outdoor textiles.

Skim Milk
Skim Milk, written by Leo Lei, is out to seek the best in minimalist design. The column focuses on minimalism relating to architecture, furniture, interior design, and product design.


DMTV Milkshake
Milkshake, DMTV (Design Milk TV)’s first regular series, shakes up the traditional interview format by asking designers, creatives, educators, and industry professionals to select interview questions at random from their favorite bowl or vessel. During their candid discussions, you’ll not only gain a peek into their personal homeware collections, but also valuable insights into their work, life, and passions.

Take 5
Twice a month members of the Design Milk team share five of their personal favorites – an opportunity for them to reveal the sort of design influences we use and appreciate in our own lives from a more personal perspective, as well as fun design inspirations that catch our eye.


Circular by Design
This column focuses on the circular economy, a proposed alternative to our traditional ‘take, make, waste’ model of production and consumption – one that offers hope in the face of environmental catastrophes from climate change to ocean plastic. Designing out waste and pollution, keeping materials and products in use, and regenerating our natural environment are so important to contemporary design that we wanted to create a dedicated space for the projects bringing these ideas to life.

Designer Desktops
Each month we partner with a brand, artist, designer, or firm to share creative and inspiring downloadable wallpapers for your tech devices.

Taste, a column written by TJ Girard, explores food design that is more than palatable… it’s delicious.

David Behringer takes us to his favorite art exhibitions in New York City.