Embrace Stylish Outdoor Living with Minotti’s Lifescape Collection

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Embrace Stylish Outdoor Living with Minotti’s Lifescape Collection

Full of character and elegance, the Lifescape Collection by Minotti promotes an outdoor lifestyle that’s full of comfort, quality, and aesthetics. Designed with a purpose, each piece of the collection complements the others while also standing out with their own details, refined design, finish, and texture.

Along with complementing other pieces within their respective series, Minotti’s outdoor furniture pieces also co-mingle effortlessly when mixed and matched. A good example is the Florida seating system, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, that features soft geometric lines, modularity, and tons of comfort.

Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 designed the Quadrado modular seating system back in 2018, with new pieces – a double daybed, an armchair, and a dining table – added in 2019. Generously sized seating with modules that can be fitted together, floating teak bases, backrests, and soft cushions make this series as welcoming as can be and the perfect spot for socializing.

The Rivera series, also designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, leans retro yet refined. Lots of attention to detail and natural materials are the hallmarks of its pieces, with open-air woven details that are eye-catching beyond compare. The Rivera includes seating, coffee tables, and various other accessories.

The right choice for smaller spaces, the Tape “Cord” outdoor series is compact with perfect proportions. This extensive group of seating and accessories is ideal for creating relaxing outdoor areas in both residential and commercial settings. Each piece shares the Tape detail – a bronze color metal strip securing its feet to its body.

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