Every Origin Story Is Unique at Collective Design Fair 2022

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Every Origin Story Is Unique at Collective Design Fair 2022

Movimento had their first physical exhibition at Collectible Design Fair 2022 in May: Origins. Set back by the pandemic, the show signifies the start of their journey as well as a reminder that our origins will always remain significant and shouldn’t be forgotten. Origins includes pieces from countries the world over, from Australia, South Korea, Russia, Mexico, and more. You might think these represent the origins of each piece or 16 designers, but the show takes a broader view. They might lie in finding the perfect material, the start of a collaboration, or even a mistake that turns into something brilliant – they’re all unique. You can view the parts of Origins individually or as a collective, showing that our own origins are diverse and widespread.

intro to an exhibit

materials covering an exhibit

furniture exhibition on display

shelf, sofa, and coffee table

three vessels

abstract white chair

A Chair for Ursula by Tellurico

round mirror with turquoise center

Absence Mirror by Celo

cyan and glass side table

Containa by Dean Norton

abstract brown stool

Cult Stool by Panorammma Atelier

black, gold, and silver wall mirror

Composizione Astratta by Studio Zero

yellow art object

Isola Honey by Portego

colorful textile hanging on a wooden ladder

Love’s got a hole by Arequipe

black and white abstract stool

Miscellaneous by Millim Studio

stacked terra cotta object

Monument by Morgane Aveus

abstract rust colored three legged coffee table

Onda Dining Table by Federica Elmo

abstract turquoise piece of furniture

Ollain by Tellurico

round gold coffee table with black three leg base

Orbit by Studio F

two vessels balanced atop cement blocks

Secondo Fuoco High and Flat Vase by TipStudio

curved white sofa

Tateyama Sofa by Secolo

white bench

Tooth by Dongwook Choi

dual black bookcase

Twin by Max Funkat

overhead photo of wooden bench

SSB01W by Sashaxsasha

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