Feed Me by Liviana Prola

Many of you have probably considered taking, or have already taken, the “real food” plunge with your dogs — that is, weaning them off commercially produced food and switching over to home cooking. Liviana Prola‘s Feed Me (Phaidon, 2018) is a new resource for those seeking to cook for their canines, offering recipes for 80 home cooked meals for dogs — such as quinoa with squash and lamb ragù, and seared beef with carrot risotto, as well as information on portion sizes, supplements, and other tips and tricks. Prola is a doctor of veterinary science, a research scientist at the Department of Veterinary Science at Turin University, and president of the Italian Society of Animal Nutrition, so I’m going to guess she knows what she’s talking about. Her 220-page volume features illustrations by Kevin Waldron. (I love how it looks like an old-school textbook.) Check it out at Phaidon.

(h/t Four and Sons)

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