Field Notes at Curator’s Cube by Maria Moyer

09.12.19 | By
Field Notes at Curator’s Cube by Maria Moyer

Field Notes is an installation located at Curator’s Cube in Tokyo, Japan, presented by Maria Moyer. The exhibit explores a new body of work emphasized by patterns appearing at all levels of nature, from the microscopic to the celestial.

However, unlike a scientist’s notes or drawings, Moyer expresses her work in her own visual vocabulary, conveying the profound and mysterious beauty of the natural world, including her place in it. Ironically, her studio practice feels like scientific field work, with the works itself serving as artifacts of scientific exploration.

The works showcased are all constructed of ceramic stoneware and custom colored porcelain. Employing traditional hand building techniques, Moyer wanted to leave personal touches to each piece. The glazes utilized throughout the collection serve more so as structural elements than as surface treatment.

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