Five Favorites

Here at Design Milk, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to discuss all the cool stuff we come across. Which is why we’re going to round up a few of our favorites that we can’t pass up talking about. We’ll share a bit of everything we’ve seen and loved, from interiors to shoes…

Photo: Marco Antonio

Photo: Marco Antonio

1. Concrete Kitchen via
So, we’ve seen concrete flooring and concrete countertops. We’ve also seen walls clad in the grey matter, but I don’t think we’ve seen all of them in one space. This small home in Brazil, designed by Renata Paternostro, has the perfect kitchen. There’s a nice balance between grey and black, making it modern of course, but there’s also just the right amount of accessories so it actually looks like somewhere you want to live.

Photo: Dwell / Courtesy of Timothy Bell

Photo: Dwell / Courtesy of Timothy Bell

2. Modern Chicken Coop from Dwell
Many of us city dwellers, living in small apartments, were already jealous of those with space for such things as a chicken coop. But now, chicken coops are even starting to look cool too! This edgy coop design, which features aluminum shingles all around, actually resembles a design classic: the Airstream.

See more cool chicken coops –> right here.


3. Atticus Kids Clear Boots from Mini Style
I’m currently very thankful that I’m short and can usually make kids shoes work. But for all you parents out there, this shoe will instantly give your kid the cool edge. Pro tip: cool socks required.


4. Strata Print from Howkapow
This art print, from Nottingham-based designer and illustrator Eloise Renouf, is a perfect fusion of color, geometrics and texture.


5. Leica Camera Design from Vincent Sall
While this is only a concept design, it’s still really cool and we hope it gets developed further. Have you ever wanted a camera that’s no bigger than its lens? Now, how about one the size of a lens, which also instantly transfers photos wherever you want them…?! Yes, please!

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