Flip Around by NORM Architects

Flip Around is a minimalist table designed by Copenhagen-based designers NORM Architects. The design is a multifunctional piece of furniture that can convert from a stool to a side table with a simple flip. NORM, renowned for their architectural masterpieces, have exercised their talents with smaller accessories and furniture pieces with great success. However, their philosophy in design has always been consistent, “The justification of a product lies in its ability to differentiate; aesthetically and in functionality.”


Aside from interchanging between a stool or a side table, the surface portion is removable to serve as a tray. The handle is attached to the tray allowing users to move the piece around with ease. As someone living in a New York City shoebox, a simple design amalgamated with smart utility is essential for urban dwellers who require multifunctional pieces in their smaller homes.

I had the pleasure of viewing this piece first-hand at the NYNOW show, and it is every bit as spectacular in person as it is in the photographs. NORM has found a perfect balance between the wood and white/black color within this tray. Even among the other beautifully designed products by Menu, Flip Around was able to stand out. The product will soon be available in North America through Creative Danes.

fliparound_norm_1 fliparound_norm_3 fliparound_norm_4 fliparound_norm_5 fliparound_norm_6 fliparound_norm_7 fliparound_norm_8 fliparound_norm_9

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