The Flow Collection: Jewelry Inspired by Water

Ebbing and flowing like water, The Flow Collection is jewelry that’s inspired by nature. With smooth, organic shapes and soft, gentle lines, each piece reflects the water’s moment in time as it’s captured into a solid shape.

Black Wave bracelet

Israeli jewelry designer Dana Bloom creates the accessories by a 3D printer, and then processes, paints, and finishes each piece by hand.

Golden Pure ring (24 karat gold plating)

Sculptural yet airy, her latest collection is ethereal, dynamic, and striking at the same time. Inspired by nature, The Flow Collection is created by fusing technology and art to create a unique look.

Black Stream earring & ring_

Black Pure  ring

Black Mate Swing ring

Black Drop earring & ring

Black Double Creek rings

Black Wave earring & ring

White Dove earring

Black Wave pendant & ring

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