Ad Tempus by Henry Richmond V. Young
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With graduation in the air, we recently had the privilege of viewing all the senior thesis Product Design projects at the Parsons School of Design. Richmond Young, now a Parsons graduate, invited us to a private tour. Richmond had contacted us earlier in the year as part of his research.

The basis of his project explores how designers and chefs collaborate. Funny enough, we struggle with this every day! Walking the aisles of the senior show, we were surprised to see how many students chose Food Design as their focus. It’s official—Food Design is taking the world by storm!

Richmond’s approach to product development and the depth of knowledge he has for current and future manufacturing techniques is quite impressive. He used a 3D printer for his project, and as you know, 3D printing has been creeping its way into mainstream Product Design for a little over a decade now. We have been exploring ways to incorporate its benefits into our products at Pinch, and Richmond helped inspire us.

Here’s a taste of one of the newest members of the Food Design community. We look forward to seeing Richmond’s contributions for years to come!

The project:
Ad Tempus, 2013, 3D printed ceramic
A series of dessert plating that understands the symbiotic relationship between food, presentation, and diner. Following the temporality of menus, Ad Tempus is designed to adapt and evolve.


Toast (first images also) is an assembly of pain perdu, maple gelée, and pamplemousse sorbet concealed under a crust of white chocolate to be excavated timidly by the diner (served on the Carter, named after famed archaeologist).




Milk/Tea is a “soup” course that is created by the performance of two state changes: hot rose milk will be poured over to dissolve a lemon sugar dome to later melt the chrysanthemum sorbet served with pomegranate seeds (served on the Hillary, named after famed climber and explorer).




Crémeux: is a quasi-deconstructed crème brûlée: pistachio crémeux with chocolate mousse guarded underneath a shield of a clear vanilla sugar tuille to be hacked by the diner (served on the Geronimo, named after the fearless Apache Warrior Chief).






Next Seasons Menu is:
1. Tomato: custard, biscuit, white chocolate crust/shell
2. Affogato: espresso, candied chestnut, milk, lemon sugar
3. Barquillos (the 3 wafers sticks): persimmon sorbet, almond powder, genoise cake (inside)


Next Seasons Menu

Food photography by Richmond Young
Studio still life (plain white bare) by Martin Seck
Food: Chef Veronica Duboise

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