Four Fresh Scandinavian Releases From Muuto

Muuto is releasing four sweet new designs this month, each one as full of character as the last and grounded in the Scandinavian design the brand is known for. Forward-thinking materials, techniques and thinking are at the forefront as they show off fresh perspectives on these items that you’ll find yourself enjoying at home or in the office day after day.

Big-Game design studio created the Arrange Desktop Series for Muuto in order to bring a sustainable perspective to modern storage solutions. Its trays are made from 100% recycled plastic, with a lid in either cork or anodized aluminum. With its tray available in three sizes across multiple colors, and its two different lids, the series allows you to configure the design according to preference within the home office and workplace.

“We wanted to create a flexible system that allowed for us to organize things on a desk or shelf. A focal point in the design process was to make the design playful by encouraging the user to interact with it, using and reconfiguring the combination of trays, paired with an expression that is inspired by contemporary architecture,” Big-Game said of the project.

A modern expression that references Scandinavian design with hints of 1970s influence, the Doze Lounge Chair and Ottoman are a sophisticated yet welcoming take on the classic. Designed by Anderssen & Voll, the new chair adds to Muuto’s list of full leather offerings with a sculptural expression that emphasizes its understated details. The Doze Lounge Chair is available in Muuto’s full leather collection of Refine, Easy and Endure.

The design duo went on to add, “Scandinavia has a long tradition of extensively comfortable lounge chairs; at the heart of our design heritage lies the versatile concept of comfort. As such, the idea of creating a grand lounge chair came very natural to us. The visual references of the Doze Lounge Chair are however derived from the modern and clear lines of the Golden Age in Danish design, while at the same time being informed by some of our favorite designs of the 1970’s. To us, the characteristically large and sheltering back that embraces the soft seat creates a combination of the Scandinavian design ethos and the lines of 1970’s objects in a way that we find truly refreshing.”

Jens Fager’s Tip Wall Lamp adds another member to the Tip family of lighting with its simple, modern lines. Capable of providing direct as well as ambient lighting, the design features an opal diffuser and dimmer function, allowing you to adjust the amount of light as you’d like it. Mounted onto the wall with no visible brackets, the simple, elegant appearance of the design is emphasized.

“The Tip Wall Lamp has a simple and friendly design, characterized by its unique architectural silhouette. Throughout the design process, I spent a lot of time polishing every single detail and combining them with the lamp’s inherent functionality. I wanted to reduce the design to the very essence of its purpose; creating something that was intuitively understandable and functional in daily life. With the body in molded aluminum with a matte touch, the Tip Wall Lamp features a clean and precise look, highlighting its structural form,” Fager added.

The final exciting element of this month’s release is the introduction of a Stained Dark Brown hue to select wooden designs, bringing a refined touch that allows for the veneer to show through. Using an environmentally-friendly water-based lacquer, Stained Dark Brown provides a contrast to current wood tones while also complementing the existing shades of the collection. You can currently find Stained Dark Brown on the Loft Chair and Loft Bar Stool, the Visu Chair, as well as all wooden bases of the Fiber Chair Family.

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Kelly Beall is Director of Branded Content at Design Milk. The Pittsburgh-based writer and designer has had a deep love of art and design for as long as she can remember, from Fashion Plates to MoMA and far beyond. When not searching out the visual arts, she's likely sharing her favorite finds with others. Kelly can also be found tracking down new music, teaching herself to play the ukulele, or on the couch with her three pets – Bebe, Rainey, and Remy. Find her @designcrush on social.