Fungi Minimalist Bowls by Nendo

Fungi is a minimalist series of bowls created by Tokyo-based studio Nendo for Zens, a home interior lifestyle brand focused around healthy living, particularly through their series of contemporary teaware, which features designers from around the world.

Fungi consists of seven bowls that can be used for food or objects and arranged in various combinations. When combined, the bowls appear to grow out of one another, similar to the growth of mushrooms. Due to the bowls’ variant dimensions, they can be used in many ways to serve food or become decorative sculptural pieces.

As Nendo suggests, “Larger bowls to serve fruits, smaller ones for sauces or dips, deeper bowls for flower arrangements, and shallower ones to float candles on water.” The bowls are also available in various color variants to create diverse tablescapes.

Photography by Akihiro Yoshida.

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