Galanter & Jones Launches the Heated, Indoor/Outdoor Kosmos Chair

11.29.17 | By
Galanter & Jones Launches the Heated, Indoor/Outdoor Kosmos Chair

San Francisco-based Galanter & Jones are the geniuses behind, well, keeping your behind warm in the great outdoors. They’re continually growing their collection of heated outdoor furniture and the latest addition is the Kosmos Chair. The modern chair is the first in a series that can be used indoors or out that launches at a lower price point. Now that it’s officially winter, getting cozy in a chair that also keeps your warm sounds like a great way to spend evenings outdoors with your friends.

Kosmos offers the same comfort and functionality of their original pieces, but this time at a more affordable price and quicker shipping. The powder coated stainless steel base comes in your choice of Brass, Black, or Silver, with a standard charcoal cast stone seat and standard length plug.

The sleek new design doesn’t look like your standard outdoor chair offering, which not only elevates your patio decor, it means it works indoors as well. The chair’s temperature is adjustable and comes plug-in ready so you can fire it up anytime you want to warm up.

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