New Shade Ideas
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We use to think parasols = shade and vice versa. Then came the shade sails, the sun sails, the parasol with the light options, the heated parasols, the parasol that doubles up as a table or a seat, etc…

Well I am pleased to say more innovations are on the way.

The most innovative is certainly this versatile screen by Borella. It works as a sun shield during the day time, and you change its positions at night so you can use it as a screen to watch films!

Closer to home but still hugely innovative, I also like the Kosmos by Extremis who have figured out how to make opening and closing a parasol so easy (and whoever owns a parasol knows the nightmare it can be!).

Also perhaps because the firm is based up north in Belgium where sunshine is not a regular commodity, they have put a lot of emphasis on ensuring the design stays up in windy conditions (again if you have a parasol you know the hassle of picking it up every so often) Love this video of the Kosmos being wind tested. I just realized I need to check the Beaufort resistance when buying my next design!

Finally, in the last few years we have seen individual parasols appear. Well, now it is time to regroup! Val-Eur ‘s Fiji design is an inspiring example if you are out shopping and cannot decide: one can actually buy individual ones and if needed create shade islands.