HELIX: Furniture That Acts As Architecture

HELIX is an interesting shelving system that debuted at the 2014 Milan Design Week. Not only is it furniture, it also acts as an architectural piece and and creates an immersive spatial atmosphere that can crawl up the walls and onto the ceiling.

Open Source Workshop OSW HELIX-1

HELIX is designed by OSW (Open Source Workshop), and is a modular piece that can be placed in any space, whether it be a private home or a public space. The modules comes in different sizes, colors, and orientations, so it can be put together in different ways by following the logical spatial branching.

Open Source Workshop OSWHELIX-7

The modules are created and guided by a 5-Axis robot that carves it from a solid mass. The solid mass is a completely recyclable material made from corn, and the manufacturing process helps reduce CO2 emissions, making it completely sustainable. It’s also very lightweight but very extremely durable at the same time.

Open Source Workshop OSW HELIX-4

Open Source Workshop OSWHELIX-5

Open Source Workshop OSW HELIX-10

Open Source Workshop OSW HELIX-9

Open Source Workshop OSW HELIX-3

Open Source Workshop OSW HELIX-8

Open Source Workshop OSW HELIX-2

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