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Image from One Must Dash

Image from One Must Dash

Graphic design isn’t just something relegated to package design, posters and book covers. It is truly all around us, whether we’re at a coffee shop or on a road trip in the middle of nowhere. So, whether you’re in the design profession or just someone who appreciates good design, it’s inspiring to surround yourself with a creative aesthetic at home.

As a graphic designer, I feel constantly inspired by my surroundings and wanted to make sure my home effected me the same way, so I consciously designed it to do so… Turn your home into livable and inspiring art by following these few guidelines…


Poang Chair

Get bold with your upholstery choices, like this POANG Chair from Ikea. Not ALL of your furniture has to feature bold design, just a chair or two.


Geometric lantern

Include accessories that feature geometric shapes, like this lantern from H&M Home. While some might describe modern interior design as “minimal”, you really can never have too many geo accessories!


Still Ill_Duvet Cover

Society 6 isn’t just the place for cool art and t-shirts, they also have bedding and shower curtains! This makes it really easy to add some typographic elements to your private spaces. This duvet cover from KISFORBLACK is minimal and modern, yet perfectly graphic.


Wood Lamp

Clean lines should be a prominent element in everything from lighting, to furniture and of course accessories. This wood task lamp from Muuto will add a graphic and sculptural vibe to any office.



Image from Anthropologie

While your modern home design doesn’t necessarily have to be minimal, it needs to be organized. Furniture and accessories should be laid out in a way that uses space well and where the different pieces complement each other.


Stendig calendar

Make sure your design style isn’t just expressed by things on the floor, take it vertical and add some graphic prints or cool calendars to the walls.

You can never go wrong with a Stendig calendar in your home. It’s bold AND functional.


One Must Dash shop has some really great options for typographic prints to add to your walls.

Cori is a freelance Graphic Designer with a background in Interior Design, currently living in Los Angeles. She has paired her design and marketing knowledge to start a freelance career that combines both graphic design and interior design. When she's not working on an editorial layout, blog design, identity or illustration, she's contributing on design blogs or rambling on on her own.