I Geometrici Towel Warmers by MG12

Italian design company MG12 launched I Geometrici, by Brazilian designer Monica Geronimi, which are a set of towel warmers unlike any you’ve ever seen.

mg12 I Geometrici-1

Not only do they warm your towels, they act as a rack that seamlessly blends into the environment. Rather than the normal obtrusive, towel racks, I Geometrici is an innovative design that’s clean and elegant.

mg12 I Geometrici-3

I Geometrici comes with painted surfaces, or can also act as a mirror for those who want something more unique. The shape also helps the towels absorb heat more efficiently, resulting in less power consumption.

mg12 I Geometrici-7

mg12 I Geometrici-6

mg12 I Geometrici-5

mg12 I Geometrici-4

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