In the End These Modern Washlets Offer an Upgrade in Hygiene

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In the End These Modern Washlets Offer an Upgrade in Hygiene

If there’s one sensitive area of discussion that’s only now being broached within the mainstream market, it’s bathroom technologies dedicated to keeping our backsides more hygienically clean. While full-blown futuristic design toilets like the TOTO Neorest NX are still priced out the reach of most households, manufacturers have made an aggressive push to clean our tush with the introduction of affordable add-on washlet toilet seats. They’re also infinitely easier to install, requiring only a rudimentary knowledge of plumbing and proximity of an outlet. Here are several of the best options available today:

The Coway Bidetmega is offered in two easy to install versions (if you can build an IKEA shelf, you can install a washlet in less than half an hour), the 200 and 400. Each mode is primarily differentiated by controls, one built into the side of the seat (200) or with the option for a wireless remote for additional installation options (400). Both models feature a multi-stage bidet wash (the Bidetmega 200 has a dual wash, the 400 a three-stage wash), dryer, a night light, heated seat, child mode, and multi-user programmable settings to ensure comfort and preference across a household of users.

The Tushy Spa aims its spray toward the millennial market with a pair of surprisingly analog bamboo dial controls dedicated to water pressure and temperature gracing this toilet add-on. This model also stands out from the competition by offering nine different color combinations, including pink and white or black and gold options.

Undoubtedly the king of all washlet manufacturers, Japanese brand TOTO has become synonymous with the best in bathroom hygiene appliances. And with that reputation comes a premium price on almost every toilet and washlet TOTO offers. Which makes the TOTO Washlet A100 an attractive entry-priced option for anyone who wants the basics of heated and adjustable oscillating/pulsating spray for both front and back for under $500.

At nearly $1,300, the Kohler C3-230 bidet toilet seat is a premium option for elongated toilets. But its slim, low-profile design stands out with the inclusion of its very own touchscreen remote in lieu of the typical push button remotes normally attached to washlets. Alongside the swipe-to-wipe spray cleaning, C3-230 has a built-in nightlight to aid in nocturnal visits, and a self-cleaning stainless steel wand that automatically sanitizes the system using UV light.

Tom and Thomas Lotrecchiano were so enamored after experiencing the comforts and wonders of push button Japanese toilet technology, they founded an American-based company dedicated to upgrading the loo. Their Omigo is a reasonably priced add-on seat delivering many of the same features as more expensive models, including a massaging nozzle oscillation with silver ion sterilization between visits, a built-in warm air dryer, LED night light, heated seat, active carbon filter deodorizer, and a wireless remote.

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