Indulge Yourself with hansgrohe’s PowderRain Showers

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Indulge Yourself with hansgrohe’s PowderRain Showers

Get ready to spoil yourself with hansgrohe’s newest spray as they debut their PowderRain technology at this year’s KBIS. The innovative spray, from the leading manufacturer of bathroom fixtures, outputs micro-fine droplets that minimize splashing and help to maintain warmth on your skin – perfect for open showers. It was also designed to create a ‘cocoon’ of water that surrounds your body to create a spa-like experience right in your own bathroom.

What creates this kind of spray? Each nozzle has several fine openings rather than one spray outlet, they’re also arranged more densely than on a standard shower head. If you think this must equal poor water pressure you’re wrong, the PowderRain shower head I installed in my own home only succeeded in making it that much better. To further pamper you, PowderRain was also engineered by acoustic experts to be quiet yet sound amazing, meeting the strict German regulations for acoustic performance.

“When showering, water should fall on the body—and nowhere else,” Derek Taylor, Product Manager – Showering, explains. “That’s where PowderRain spray comes into play. The innovation is in every single nozzle of the shower face. Each has been arranged precisely on the spray disc in order to deliver a voluminous, drenching spray, while still operating at a reduced flow rate.”

Swapping out your existing shower head for one with PowderRain technology is incredibly easy, and an inexpensive way to upgrade your bathroom to a more spa-like experience. Or if you’re currently in the process of designing a bathroom and looking to add a luxurious touch, have a look at the entire line of PowderRain shower heads that each feature three modes of spray and pressure – Rain, PowderRain, and Whirl.

PowderRain is now available in a range of overhead and handheld showers including the Raindance S 240 with PowderRain Showerhead, Raindance S 180 with PowderRain Showerhead, and a Raindance Select S 120 with PowderRain Handshower. All shower heads are available in both chrome and brushed nickel.

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