Infinity Is a Minimal Hilltop Weekend Home in Okinawa

10.07.21 | By
Infinity Is a Minimal Hilltop Weekend Home in Okinawa

Infinity is a minimal house located in Okinawa, Japan, designed by Apollo Architects & Associates. The hilltop weekend home is situated within a mountainous region of northern Okinawa known as Gushiku Mui. The vertically advantageous site provides sweeping views of the ocean beneath, as well as the mountains behind.

Residents are greeted with a large entrance garden which opens up to the centrally located kitchen with views of the internal courtyard. While the main floor encloses the living, dining and kitchen area, the upper level comprises the private rooms along with a full-width balcony with outdoor jacuzzi.

Commenting on the current climate of work-life balance, the architects explained: “We strongly believe that as remote work is normalized and the nature of both work and lifestyles changes dramatically, maintaining residences in both urban and non-urban areas will become a standard option for people around the world who want to vary their lifestyle according to the seasons and other considerations.”

Photos by Masao Nishikawa.

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