Inigo Floor Lamp by Trueing

Inigo Floor Lamp is a minimalist floor lamp designed by Brooklyn-based studio Trueing. Josh Metersky and Aiden Bowman, the duo behind the studio, wanted to move away from their smaller objects to create a series of larger lighting installations.

The floor lamp, inspired by Inigo Jones, consists of a clear glass box enclosing a colored glass tube. Jones was an architect who brought classical design to England in the 17th century. In turn, Trueing’s Floor Lamp is informed by classical proportions and euclidian geometry.

Referencing Jones’ proclivity for creating rooms in the form of a cube — both a Biblical allusion and a platonic solid — Inigo is an homage: an extruded cube, with a perfectly proportioned cylinder running down its center, classically informed, but contemporary in execution.

Photography by Lauren Coleman.

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