Instrmnt 02 Bicycle by Instrmnt X Freddie Grubb

Instrmnt 02 is a minimalist design created by London-based designers Instrmnt and master bike builders Freddie Grubb.The goal was to create a beautiful, technically advanced bicycle that assimilated the ethos of both brands and treated form and function with equal importance.


By nature, city bikes likely spend a portion of their day chained to a lamp post or being carried up a flight of stairs, onto a train, or into an apartment. Identifying a simple solution to the issues associated with these activities, Instrmnt designed and specified a leather top tube protector to act as a singular chip guard, carry grip and shoulder pad.

Focused on the bike in motion, Freddie Grubb specified a number of advanced technical components to aid with city riding, including an internal Automatix 2-speed gear and an SRAM back-pedal coaster brake. Longside, an Oxford-based leather specialist, was appointed to create the bespoke top tube protector in addition to a pair of hand-stitched handlebar grips.







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