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If you follow Dog Milk on Instagram or Facebook, you may have already heard our big announcement! If not, allow me to introduce you to the newest member of the Dog Milk family: Drogo! We were fostering this little boy through Underdog Railroad Rescue but he stole our hearts in an instant and we couldn’t imagine life without him! Drogo is a young Miniature Schnauzer (anywhere from 8 months to 3 years — who knows?) who, thanks to some amazing volunteers, made his way up to Oregon from Southern California. This cuddle bug is one of the sweetest pups ever and we are SO excited to have him in our family!

To celebrate, Drogo has put together a Gotcha Day wish list! Check out his top picks below.

Introducing Drogo: His Adoption Day Wish List

1. Drogo wants to look and feel his best, so along with some fancy new food, he’s got his eye on some premium treats from Bixbi! Nom nom nom.

2. This boy just got a haircut and what’s better for showing off his new ‘do than an attention-grabbing, neon leather collar from LoveThyBeast?

3. Drogo is ready to enjoy the good life! An afternoon nap on a plush bed from Nice Digs is definitely on his to-do list.

4. Our little smarty pants loves toys and treats, so an interactive treat-dispensing toy from Up Dog Toys fits the bill perfectly!

5. This snazzy tank from penn + pooch is the perfect choice for showing off Drogo’s new makeover!

Capree has a deep love of Victorian-era “fancy lads”, 19th Century anatomy drawings, and tin robots. She loves big, bold colors and big, bold patterns. Oh, and anything well-designed, especially if it’s something she can sit in.