Jean-Pascal Gauthier’s Balancing Act of Color and Light

10.31.18 | By
Jean-Pascal Gauthier’s Balancing Act of Color and Light

Montreal-based designer Jean-Pascal Gauthier caught our eye as an emerging talent at Sight Unseen OFFSITE 2016 with his mobile-inspired light fixtures incorporating delicate air plants on one end, counterbalanced with geometric forms in contrast on the other. His follow-up reveals an evolution retaining his obsession in striking a balance, but this time utilizing a more graphical expression of light and color for similar purposes.

Unveiled at the contemporary design exhibition, Aesthetic Visions by Manfredi Style at Milan Design Week 2018, Jean-Pascal Gauthier’s latest efforts combine transparency and colored circular planes, each fixture manifesting some of the same minimalist geometric forms explored decades ago by the likes of avant-garde suprematist artists such as El Lissitzky on canvas.

Utilizing the most basic of geometric forms and a limited range of colors, Gauthier’s suspended fixtures take on sculptural and architectural forms straddling the line between contemporary and timeless.

Gauthier’s site has yet to be updated with these new design offerings, but his personal Instagram account reports they’re soon to be made available via his site and at Manfredi Style.

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