JOI-Design Bridges Past with Present at the Capri by Fraser Berlin

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JOI-Design Bridges Past with Present at the Capri by Fraser Berlin

While contemporary hotels are fun to experience, the real beauty of visiting a new city is getting to know its history and culture. With this in mind, JOI-Design bridges the past and future of Berlin at the new Capri by Fraser Berlin hotel. Located on Spree Island at the Petriplatz city square, this modern hotel integrates with a museum and church to give guests a unique destination to explore, all the while learning about the city’s heritage.

Upon entering the lobby, you’ll be tempted to hold your heads high as you’re greeted with a captivating, perforated hexagon installation that lays over a black and white etching of the Spree River’s island and its ancient structures, a physical metaphor for the history that still peaks through modern design. Don’t forget to take a look downwards though through the glass floor where you’ll uncover an archaeological dig below.

After checking into your room, you’ll find bright details, muted orange and pink tones, and modern furnishings. Again, pieces of Berlin’s heritage can be found throughout the room, such as the map of ancient Petriplatz on the wall and on the abstract rug.

“Dip into history” at the dip-dyed themed Caprilicious restaurant featuring Asian cuisine that’s known for pairing food with dipping sauces.

Throughout the hotel, you’ll find other “easter eggs” that JOI-Design thoughtfully included to further reference history and time, such as the art, patterns on glass dividers, furniture, and decor. There’s also a large, 3D lettering that (not so subtly) spells out HISTORY on the wall. All these details allude to the notion of time, space, and history.

What: The Capri by Fraser Berlin hotel
Where: Scharrenstraße 22, 10178 Berlin, Germany
How much? Rooms start at approximately $92 dollars
Highlights: This bright, design-led hotel is a welcoming site to see once you touch down from your plane. Designed by JOI-Design, the interiors are full of textures, patterns, and color.
Design draw: The past connects with the present through interior design. While there are modern amenities and facilities, there are also many references to the ancient city of Periplatz to be be uncovered as well.
Book it: Visit the Capri by Fraser Berlin

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