LAYER x Resonate LightVision Meditates Upon the State of Calm

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LAYER x Resonate LightVision Meditates Upon the State of Calm
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You may be one of the countless who’ve investigated various forms of meditation to help ease levels of daily stress. With meditation proven to offer a slew of both physiological and psychological benefits, apps, music playlists, and workshops pursuing a calmed state of mind are unsurprisingly popular today. For this purpose, the LightVision meditation headset by experience design agency LAYER for Resonate is designed to bring on a meditative state of mind with 20-minute sessions using a combination of vibration, sound, and light.

Woman with shortly shorn haircut wearing Resonate LightVision headset with pink and blue lights spilling from edges.

Lighting strips, for example, frame the internal edges of the headset casting light on the face to create an outward expression of the meditation experience and acting as a “do not disturb” signal to others.

Mindful of the weighty nature of typical headset-based technologies, and noting devices designed in service of chasing a state of calm, LAYER founder Benjamin Hubert’s efforts present a softer design language, one more akin to a sleep mask with the fit/shape of a snowboarding mask.

Angled view of LightVision meditation mask showing LED matrix display.

The LED light matrix that translates videos of the natural world – such as fish swimming underwater, or trees moving in the breeze – into an ever-changing sequence of biomorphic patterns that are visible through closed eyes and proven to activate the brain’s frequency-following response.

Admittedly purely conjecture at this moment, but by all appearances the LightVision headset seems invitingly more lightweight and comfortable looking than the parallel technologies offered by VR headsets. Of course, that’s attributable to the fact the LED matrix display is of a simplified nature, tasked only to deliver light patterns rather than an immersive experience mimicking reality. Still, the textile-wrapped casing is handsomely realized, matching the company’s aspirations of delivering a “tech accessory closer to a piece of fashion.”

We live in an increasingly hectic world where we are constantly inundated with digital interactions, the media, and – more recently – the impact of a pandemic. In this world, mindfulness and meditation is more relevant than ever before. Finding the time to practice or to obtain the knowledge and experience needed to practice efficiently, however, is no easy task. Resonate LightVision allows you to quickly reach a deep meditative state effortlessly.

-Benjamin Hubert, Founder of LAYER

View of underside of headset showing capacitive and physical controls.

The brightness of the LEDs and volume of the soundtrack is controlled via an intuitive, ergonomically accessible capacitive interface on the underside of the casing. This interface strip also features a power button and USB-C charging port.

The Resonate LightVision headset just launched last week at Design Miami 2021 (December 1-6, 2021). Invite-only collector’s editions were available during the fair with production unites shipping in early 2022. For more information on LAYER x Resonate LightVision, visit and

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